Friday, October 19, 2007

The Price Of Stupidity

The looter is back. The person who took the people's money before, now took their lives too. She knew this was going to happen, she knew that while she waved with a smug and ugly smile, innocent people around her would die. She had credible evidence to know that she was going to be targetted, going so far as to write crappy letters to Pervaiz Musharraf, he telling her not to come. But no, she wanted to come. What does a looter care about the lives of it's people. Her father was drinking alcohol and sleeping in his pee when students were being killed on the streets. I guess bad blood runs in the family eh?

And what about those of you who want to not send forces into Waziristan because of your "peaceful dialogue". Do the dead yesterday care about your peaceful solutions. I don't think.

This is why we should send the Full force of Pakistan's combined forces into Waziristan.

The Pakistan army needs the support of its people. I've said it time and time again> Those that do this come from Waziristan and thats where we need to take the battle to.

I grieve for the victims of this tragedy but it is time we use our anger for something productive and remember all those people that died in this bloodbath. Let their deaths not be in vain.

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