Monday, April 18, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

This book is really insane. It is one of the best novels ive read this year. It mixes accurate historical facts with an intriguing mystery and keeps the reader at edge. A really masterful book. A recommended read.

I finally shipped my DVD writer back to the manufactuer today for a replacement. Fedex charges 25 bucks to have them pack your stuff for you. When I heard this I thought I would try doing it myself. I am short on cash and I didn't have an extra 25 bucks lying around heh. All in all it went without a hitch. I just hope it reaches its destination without facing too much turbulence heh. Other than that today's day was slow. Summer is finally around the corner. There was significant heat today and the a breeze was virtually non-existant. Talk about a suffocating feeling.
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  1. Chalo, this pushes it over the edge. Now I have to read it. I downloaded the e-book of DaVinci Code but hard copies are so much more fun to read.

  2. Well I bought the hard copy for like 2 bucks lol. A real deal and it is awesome with its own sleeve and all.