Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Job possibility and other Ramblings

Well it seems I might have a job possibility. A friend of mine told me there is a solid position becoming available soon and I should apply. I might get the job. Let's see if I do. All fingers crossed.

Other than that I have just one little quam. I am getting almost no visitors these days and noone seems to leave a message or talk on the chatterbox lately. Come on guys dont be a stranger. Let me know your blogs and I'll be sure to come by as well. That's one of the fun of blogs. Sharing your thoughts and life.
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  1. Here's a comment to grace your fine webpage.. :-) What kind of job is it that might be opening up? Also, is it located nearby, or would it involve like moving half-way across the country? I'm paranoid that after graduation I'm not going to find a job, so I understand how awesome that would be if this one worked out for you! I, however, have a bit more time left in school before I need to worry about all the chaos of getting a job.

  2. The funny thing, Sarah, is that I am not an American so jobs for me are quite limited. This job involved Visual Basic but as it turns out now, the job does not guarantee me, a non american, a job or a sponsor. So its a no go. I am still trying to look for others as of now. heh and its not really a fine webpage. It is a hodgepodge of stuff :D.