Saturday, April 16, 2005

Guild Wars and Other Stuff

I recently had the opportunity to play in the Guild Wars beta. It is a pretty neat game. It is basically an MMORPG and is played over the internet. For those that want to see what it is, you can do so by going to this webpage

Today's DVD writers are a piece of crap and it reminds me of the days when CD writers were first making their debuts. My current Toshiba DVD dual layer writer is malfunctioning and I have had it for only a month. I am sending it back cuz it is still covered under warranty. Let's hope the replacement NEC drive is better than this piece of bad hardware (to be polite).

Another thing with technology that always bugs me, although I know thats how the nature of technology, is that you buy a new piece of hardware and after a short amount of time another better, bigger and badder piece of hardware comes rolling off the production lines. My current laptop already has upgrades to its motherboard coming out. Ah well, thats how technology is.
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