Wednesday, April 06, 2005

XML and C#

In a new survey C# was said to be the most popular medium among programmers these days followed by Java and C++ and the rest of the flock. It made me realise I needed to learn C# and from today I started on a little tutorial to get me on my way to learning it. Pretty common to C++ with some differences along the way. XML is another must know language which I'm trying to learn amid my GRE prep. Not many visitors come to the blog anymore compared to when it was up but that is going to change hopefully. See you guys around.
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  1. How long before you take do GRE testing? Also, do you have any top choices for grad school yet, assuming that you do well on the GREs?

  2. Sup Sarah, I have about 20 more days until I give my GRE exam. I've researched some schools. I wanted to go to UoW Madison but they dont take in spring semester. I am trying for Texas A&M, UT Austin, Arizona State, Penn State and USC. Let's hope I get a good score to get in otherwise i'll just find a job. I'll have until Feb 9th 2006 to find one before i have to leave the US and return to Pakistan. Thats the law :D.