Monday, December 12, 2005

Copyright Issues

As you might have noticed I have removed the images of the Hotel and the USC images from the blog as well as some other images cuz of copyright issues that cropped up. Mind you, I wasn't warned or anything like that. I just want to play it safe since a Lawyer friend of mine in the US, a US national, told me to play it safe and remove them and only use royalty free images. Since I could not find any information about the images I had being copyright or royalty free, I removed them to be safe. I seriously need to get my own digital camera soon. Hopefully when I start a job in LA, I will get me one. Until then this place is gonna be bland but bear with me. Only words for now. I suggest all of you to also check the images you have on your weblogs for copyright issues. If you are in Pakistan, you might be safely out of reach but to those in the West, play it safe.

If you guys want to learn some good places where you can find royalty free photos and etc you can read this article I found.

Royalty Free Images Information
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