Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MP3 + Toilet Seat

Well, it seems the Japanese have done it again. A Japanese sanitary company by the name of Toto has made the World's first MP3 enabled toilet seat, named Apricot. It comes fully loaded with a remote control. MP3s are loaded persumably via an SD memory card. It is expected to sell for around 800 Bucks or so. Now with that amount of money, you would expect it to have colon cancer analysis, in-built self cleaning and a massager too.

IF you spend your days and nights and recreational time in the bathroom, reading novels and stuff, this is your best bet. And oh you might want to get yourself checked by a behavioural psychiatrist.

P.S That girl in the picture looks mightily surprised, don't you think? Wonder if she is listening to a catchy tune or something.
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