Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The ever snuggleable, huggable and cuddleable munchkins

I thought i'd post some pics of my cats twinkle and casper. As some of you know Casper is a persian shorthair and his mate, Twinkle is a turkish angora. Casper is about an year older than Twinkle. Below are some of their pics from the hundreds I have. Enjoy.
Casper and twinkle enjoying a lazy day on the couch. Talk about hounding all the coach to yourself.

Casper in all his regal glory. One of the most whitest and cutest cats i've seen to this day, everytime I see him, it still doesn't cease to amaze me how beautiful he is. He is always active as hell and causing mischief in the house is his favorite passtime. His way of showing affection is by butting his head on your body, and also as a way to gain attention. Is the world greatest goalkeeper of the pingpong ball, doing dives and acrobatics.

Twinkle having some time away to herself. Normally she follows you around everywhere, unlike Casper. She loves to be cuddled and stroked. One of the best features of her's is that she sits with you for long times on end while you work. A miscarriage of Casper's and her kittens haven't deterred her from being the all around best snuggleable cat that she is.
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