Sunday, December 11, 2005

Love at first sight.. An Analysis

What is love at first sight? Do you believe in it? I get asked that questions a lot and I always said "there is no such thing" and "no", always. Love at first sight is a concept romanticized and popularized by the media. Books, music and even poetry to some extent have played a much publicized role in bringing it to the forefront. So why you might ask don't I believe in love at first sight. Because anything that happens at first sight is based on well .. sight. And so it is based on beauty perhaps? swagger? sazziness of the person? ok granted you fall in love with the person based on how he/she looks. Does it last? Does beauty even last? So why would anyone want to fall in love with such a finite and every present fallacy as beauty? Beauty should never be a deciding factor alone in love, at least eternal love. That is just my two cents. Many of you might not agree but your entitled to your opinions.

In my view, love happens once you really know the person. It takes time to foster and develop. That is why I think love after marriage is the most sure fire way to have ANY chance, if at all, of ever lasting love. But you might ask then, what is love to me, its inherent definition. Love is a genuine caring for someone and the desire to be with them for a hell long time I say. Sometimes true love happens when the two people don't even think on it. They keep on living life together, caring for one another and as such grow closer. We romanticizers give it the name Love. To them its a way of life. I see so many young couples exchanging valentine's day cards and flowers etc. It amuses me when they break up after an year or two later or their so called love marriage falls apart soon after they marry. Granted some might get lucky and live happily ever after but that, my friends, is again the media speaking. "Happily ever after...". The marriages don't last and most of the times love isn't even based on true precursors of character, habits, and inner qualities. It is based on "love at first sight". I would call it "infatuation at first sight".
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