Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Eternal Battle Between Good and Evil

Good vs. Evil. The boundries might have blurred but yet the battle rages on. Not only on earth but also in each of us. I am not going to categorize what is good and what is evil in this battle on earth. I am going to talk about the battle that rages in all of us. The everpresent, tussle and tug-o-war, that causes us to rethink some of our actions. Some have it easier than others. In some good has made significant conquests and gained much ground, bringing evil to a crushing defeat, albeit not total destruction, since destruction of evil in us, is not possible for we are flawed human beings in our inherent nature. In others, evil has taken such a hold, that even the rays of good are blocked out by perpetual and utter darkness. Most of us have it harder though, with good and evil headbutting, making and losing ground each day. Who will win? Perhaps neither. But will we take an active part in the fight or will we only silently spectate and let fate takes its course? But you can change fate and as such we can take a side in this battle within us. What side will you choose? Will you choose good or will you choose evil. It all depends on you. Not taking the side of good and making an effort for its cause, will automatically side you with evil. In our religion and in many others, non-chalence and non-commital to good, is surrendering to evil... Because, my fellow warriors, there is no neutrality in this battle. Choose your destiny, pick up the weapons of your consciousness, belief and character, and fight on. You will find me in the camp marked "good", for I have chosen a side consciously today, and from there, if you choose the same, we shall fight this battle together and give it, at least in ourselves, some semblence of conclusion.

New Years Resolution No. 1 concluded.

P.S: I am flying to LA tomorrow and from then on, I do not know if I will have net access at my hotel room there. So will see whats up down there and update if things work out. Otherwise wait till I get settled and all :).
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