Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year + Travel Tales and Other Assorted Conveys

First of all, before I start my rambling, let me wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you all have this year as the year you get some of your wishes. Hope its a happy year for all of you as well. For me, it will be a tough year, I already know that. It is an year where I start out on a very tough note and I have a lot to prove, not to a lot of people connected with me, somehow or the other, but to myself as well. Let us hope I am successful and so are all of you.

So I finally am in LA. In the hotel room right now and finally got my net working to post. So where do I start my musings? Lets start with the travel tales then.

Well the travel experience getting here, if you could sum it up in one word, would amount to "sucked". My flight from Chicago to Los Angeles was delayed by 7 hours. So what do you do when your flight is delayed for that long? You buy yourself some snacks, buy yourself a novel and start reading and eating. And that is pretty much what I did. Ofcourse I was fortunate enough to have amicable and social people around me, in the times I wasn't reading, I was conversing with them. Funny and pleasent thing is I met some USC students, waiting for the same flight as mine and that helped. So finally we are told we can board. Great you might say right? Well so did I. Little did I know that, we would have to wait aboard the plane for another one and a half hour so they could de-ice the hunk of metal.

So once I arrive in LA, things work smoothly and I am at the hotel room by midnight, WAY past when I shoulda originally arrived. Ah well, I arrived here in one piece and safe and sound, so I should sound thankful and indeed I am.

On the end note, Thankyou to all of you who still remembered me in my absence and gave me New Year Wishes. It brightened up my day coming on after a bit and seeing so many New Year messages. Thankyou.
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