Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Dreaded Software Architecture Assignment

This post might be a little technical for some of you, but what the heck.

Geek/Nerd/CS Talk:

I have to turn in a "Software Architectures" assignment on Thursday, two days from now. The assignment requires extensive and rigorous thinking. The goal of the assignment is to first research a complex software system on the internet, one that each student chooses himself/herself. After that, it has to be analyzed by each student seperately and the following is to be submitted:

1. Write out its requirements, architecture/design, test cases/scenarios, and get its source code.

2. The requirements have to deal with first, a set functional requirements and then non-functional requirements for each product quality.

3. We are to specify further, what requirements have global impacts and which have local impacts, from the superset requirements described in point 2.

Time to get cracking on the assignment. I have 48 hours to complete it. Never think of it as 2 days.*Wink*.

Wish Dispenser:

I will be adding a short section under each of my new posts about wishes I want to give out to my friends and loved ones. Here goes the first part. This might not be a regular feature, because I am such a miser handing out wishes.*Cough*.

Samar: I hope you have fun at your Uni and start liking it soon.

P.S: If I missed any of you out, it's cuz I forgot and not cuz I wanted to, so be sure to remind me.
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