Friday, January 06, 2006

Moved and Settled (Somewhat)

So here I am back again. The delay between posting was mainly due to the fact that, USC Residental Network was not available to me since of class registration issues and stuff. Then it takes 2 days after you register your classes for you to use the residential network. One thing I would like to say is, the wait was worth it. The net at USC is blazingly fast compared to the one I had at WMU. To put things into prespective for you guys, I downloaded at peaks of 700kb/sec at WMU. Do the math.

The apartment was pretty much ok once I moved in. Minor problems that are in every apartment cropped up. The carpet was messy, so got that cleaned up. Other assorted things were broken and/or missing. Had them repaired/replaced. All in all a quaint living place right in the heart of Los Angeles, about 10 minutes away from the USC campus, in downtown LA.

Now onto the roommates. One of my roommates is from China and the other is an American. The Chinese roommate is doing his Masters in Civil Engineering while my American roommate is doing his Masters in Synthesis Engineering. Me and my brother are in one bedroom and those two in the other.

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