Saturday, January 14, 2006

Course Doldrums

The semester is going into second gear next week and things are speeding up. I will be busier than usual. I am finally settling to Los Angeles and I love the weather out here. It is almost the same as Saudi Arabia where I lived almost all my life. The weather gets a little warmer when the sun is shining for a while but as the sun sets, the temperature drops significantly. While most of the US has snow dropping right now, Los Angeles has pleasent temperature.

I went and tried to register for my "Analysis of Algorithm" course and was told it is full and I will have to join the waiting list for the couse. So I did that. Now I will find out if I got the course or not by Wednesday. The advisor said I have a 99% chance of getting it. It remains to be seen if I will. Pray that I do, because, I love the couse.
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