Saturday, January 07, 2006

Slow Weekend

The weekend before classes on monday is passing slower than I expected. It is like the silence before the storm. Everything is quiet. The storm will surely start on monday though and I am all prepared, ready and buckled up for it. I've been looking forward to classes starting for a long time now. Been mozeying around and doing nothing worthwhile for a few months now. Finally some direction in my life again.

I managed to correct the problem with my glasses today, to some extent. All is well in spectacle land today and I hope it stays that way. I might not have time to update everyday after classes start, so if you intend to continue coming to my blog, by all means I would love that. If you will stop coming because I can't update everyday, then I wish you farewell in advance, my friends. But don't worry, if something interesting happens, you will surely hear about it and I most probably will update every second day to every third day anyway.

As the USC Slogan goes: Fight on!
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