Monday, January 23, 2006

I-20 Fixed And Template Fiddling

Got my I-20 fixed today along with my brother's. The error was not hard to fix at all. Instead of 4 weeks, all it took was 4 minutes for the SEVIS coordinator to correct it. I don't what the story was with the previous error taking 4 weeks, but oh well, everything is fine and our I-20s are fixed.

The weather was unusually hot today and it felt good to be out and about in shorts and a t-shirt. The weather is slowly going to go warmer and warmer and I am waiting for it to be just that. Warmer.

I fiddled around with the template today. For some reason, the colours were looking mighty off again at the lab. The middle and left and right column colours are going to be a little different for some of you. Some of you might not notice the change at all. But the colours, now, would be what I always wanted them to be. So Enjoy.

On the other note, life is slowly settling down. Being 25 is no different from being 24, so far that is. Maybe down the road things will change. Somethings have already changed. I feel as if now I have crossed the threshold where, I can stop thinking of myself as young and competing with the younger guys. It is time to compete with another league of people and I think I am up for it. Now to graduate with Honours and get a Top Job. That will be my first competition and boy, AM I looking forward to it. Somehow, I feel, right now, I can rule the world if I wanted to.
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