Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Semester Picking Up Speed

The semester is starting to pick up speed now. I have already gotten assingments to hand in for next thursday. They are not overly hard but still require a little bit of brain to do. I will most definately try finishing them over the weekend. I finally picked up "Computer Networks" instead of either "Computer Graphics" or "Analysis of Algorithms". This way I intend to lessen the course load on me during my first semester at USC and still get all As, inshAllah.

I went to the Health Center and got myself bloodtests for vaccines, that are required by the University. Why should I get a live vaccine when I don't need it? Better to be safe. I will get to know the results by Friday and then, I can see if I need the vaccines.

My birthday passed well and I recevied a lot of well wishes and happy returns of the day. Thanks all you guys.
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