Saturday, January 21, 2006

Assignments and more Assignments

I am swamped with assignments from my "Computer Networking" and "Software Architecture" classes. Just one week into classes and I have already gotten em. That is what USC is like. Ah well, that was expected going into the 7th ranked Engineering and Sciences school in the US. They aren't overly hard assignments and should not be a problem. I am already halfway done for one of them while I still have to do the other one.

On other note, the weather in Los Angeles has been fantastic. Wearing shorts when most other people are wearing pull overs is kind of weird but considering I came from Michigan, the cold in LA is a joke compared to Michigan. Loving the weather over here. Not hard to see why so many people fall in love with California.

USC told me my new I-20s were ready after the data entry error they made. But guess what? They made another error on the new ones and it will take another 4 weeks to correct that. So back to the drawing board for the USC Office of International Services. I hope the Department of Homeland security doesn't give me flak over this. I should be alright, since the error was not my fault.
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