Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Consensus and Feedback

I opened my webpage today at one of the many labs at USC, and for some reason, the computer was displaying my colors all wrong. The background was dirty yellow instead of the creamish colours I have originally envisioned. So I want some of you guys to please give me feedback on how they look on your individual PCs. I would appreciate that. Below I am writing the colors as I envisioned them (as how I see them on my own PC and a lot of others, including my dad's and my brother's), and what I saw today at the lab. You tell me which one is closest to what you are seeing based on those two.

Originally Envisioned Background: Creamish Khakhi
Viewed Color at Lab: Dirty Yellow

Orignally Envisioned Heading color: Yellow
Viewed Color at Lab: Yellow ( No difference here, I believe it looked the same).

Originally Envisioned Side and Main Column Colours: Beige OffWhitish
Viewed Color at Lab: Dirty Yellow shade.

Thanks for doing this for me in advance.
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