Monday, September 05, 2005

Gaming addicts do time for neglecting kids | The Register

Gaming addicts do time for neglecting kids | The Register: "Neighbours spotted two of the children standing naked on a window
ledge, and called the police. The subsequent investigation uncovered
what Arbroath Sheriff Court, Scotland, was told was one of the worst
cases of neglect seen by police or social workers."

Reading this story shocked me at first and then I started to laugh. I am a gamer and I have been called fairly addicted to gaming but this is plain ridiculous. Kudos to the kids being found and now I hope they will have a better childhood. To all you gamers out there, don't forget the more material and important things in life :D. This isn't only with games though. This should be wake up calls to all kinds of addicts. Computer, TV and whatever the rest of the world is addicted to and ofcourse drugs.
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