Friday, September 16, 2005


This month I have been rather unpopular with people. Maybe I am a hard guy to get along with, with my weird morals and ethics that I adhere to. Maybe my views on life are a bit too conventional or a bit too orthodox. Maybe I live in the past where feelings actually meant something and that have no place in this fast paced world. Sometimes the most dumbfounded thing that has shocked me the most is that I try to be nice to people and in return, almost always, I get a very cold or luke warm responce and even if I do make a friend, I am one that is easily forgotten. Sometimes I think people in today's world think, that, being nice means the guy is a wimp and a softie. Maybe I am too impatient? But I like to give time to people, I wait and in the end they still need more time. Maybe over the years ive become harder, more rigid? Whatever it is, currently my circle of friendship contains only a 2-3 people who I really am close to and who know me and stick by me.

In this world we are so in a rush, we forget that the other person has feelings too. The world has grown calloused, rigid and hostile. I wish there was way time could be made to slow down, and a way for people to think before what they say. I am guilty of it too. Over the years i've hurt a number of people. I try not to but I guess I am a byproduct of this fast paced and calloused world as well.

A solution to all of this would to be to just stick to my own buisness and keep a very formal contact with people I don't know. To be just non chalant and keep on being busy in my own little hobbies. But then why should I have to pay for the price of this world being calloused?

Ah I guess only time will tell, if I indeed make a friend who is truly a friend in the truest sense and meaning of the word Friendship.
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