Sunday, September 11, 2005


Moving has always been a dreaded proposition for me over the years. I remember when my family moved all over the country due to my dad's work, I was always scared and kind of sad too. I never stuck for more than 3 years in one place and whatever friends I made had to be left behind and I had to make new ones to where I moved. Now, as time of my moving to California approaches, I find myself looking forward to moving. I am finally going to my dream school, one I have always wanted to go to. I will be going to the sunny state of California with all its thrills and frills. Still there is a nagging feeling at the back of my mind about taking care of so many things and getting there safely :D. Call me paranoid but I have never moved on my own before so maybe that is why. I still have to sell all my stuff here, which I will probably start tomorrow and then send everything packing into boxes from now. I will have to get the rates from U-Haul and some spare boxes. So much to do, so much to plan :D.

On that note all of that cannot happen unless I get my letter of admission from the University of California and that, my friends, is the biggest snag. I am still waiting for it :D. Maybe next week my hopes will turn up and I will receive it. These days I go down to my mailbox in earnest anticipation and open the mailbox to find it either filled with junk CDs like the ones from American Online or some other form of useless correspondence.
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