Saturday, September 17, 2005

Love Happens

I am sure some of you know my male Turkish Angora, Casper. Well we decided he was Baligh and needed a mate. That and also the doc made a wrong diagnosis for his restlessness heh and proposed he was desperate for a mate and thus Casper finally found the love of his life it seems and is quite satisfied I must add, well at least for the time being since males never take one mate for life (Male cats I mean :D). But anyway without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you his love, Twinkle, a Persian. Here you can find them engaged in their so called cuddling, shall we say? To the left you see Casper making the first move and Twikle, ever so gingerly, with masterful elegance, tilting her head every so sligthly, for Casper to oblige her with a kiss.
Ah love. Such a wonderful thing, and seeing cats engaged in it gives us all humans hope that we are destined to love someone, somewhere out there.

Here to the right Twinkle returns Casper's affection with a wet lick. Casper, as with all males, is stretched full and enjoying his bask in the attention sunshine from his new wife. These days both are content and have consummated their marriage so to speak and the kittens are due sometime in November, if my estimation is correct. I hope they get healthy, wealthy kittens. What do you get when you mix a Persian with a Turkish Angora? Persio/Turkish Cuteness. I must add that with love comes squabbles heh, and these two are no exception and have had a fight since their so called marriage. But I think they have learnt to compromise like two mature err cats now.

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