Friday, September 09, 2005

I Got Tagged

So I got tagged by Misha. Now It is my turn to pass this ball around. Sending this to:

All the rest of my friends have already been tagged :P. So without further ado,

5 years ago: I had just arrived from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and was desperately trying to get into a University in Pakistan, applying all over the place, giving enterance tests and what not. Finally the race ended and I got into a Local startup university, from which I later transferred my credits to the US.

1 year ago: I had entered my final semester and was desperately looking forward to graduating and trying to imagine how it would feel with a professional degree in your hand. In the end the moment came, and passed. And it left an impression that I had to change myself into something more mature and made me feel I had to go a long way before finally considering me a full adult. I still sometimes have the moments where my childish head rears itself up.

5 songs I know all the words to: ABBA - I have a dream, ABBA - Voulez Vous, Koama - Lambada, Iron Maiden - The Nomad, Kid Q - This Feeling

5 Snacks I enjoy: Halwa Paratha, Salted Cucumbers, Nashpathi (Pears), Pringles, Cake and Jello Custard

5 Things I would do with $100 million dollars: First of all I would buy everything my parents wanted but could never afford and set aside a huge chunk for them (Total of about $1000,000). Then I would set up a foundation for the research and treatement of Vegners (the incurable disease my mother lived with all her life), so that noone else on earth has to suffer so much again ever (Total of about $5000,000). With what's left, I will buy the best Computer money can buy, with all the coolest and high tech accessories for it eg. A laser mouse, a nitrogen cooling system, two top of the line dual interleaved graphics card, neon lightening for my custom built case, 5 GB of memory, to name a few (About $100,000), Buy the Ferrari Testarossa ($300,000). From the rest I will put the rest aside for life and whatever I find necessary to spend it on. Although lol all of this is hypothetical and I presumely will never get $100 million dollars in life.. But hey one can dream.

5 places I would run away to: Ireland, Switzerland, Kashmir, Hawaii, Heaven (if i could - hey I can wish can't I?)

5 things I would never wear: Excessively red clothes, a Bikini, Women's underwear, a Karakulli cap, a Bandana.

5 favorite shows: Friends, The Family guy, Everybody loves Raymond, That 80's Show, The Simpsons.

5 greatest joys: Getting a new tech gadget, Helping someone less fortunate than me, Playing a good PC game, Meeting someone I can relate to and make become friends with instantly, Seeing my parents happy.

5 favorite toys: The Commadore 64 which I started playing my first game on, my snow white teddy bear I got when I was 5 and I still have today, A stuffed dog that barks when you clap your hands, The electronic Piano I bought at 10 and started playing my first tunes on and my little light shooting yoyo that I got while vacationing in Jeddah and broke the same day.
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