Sunday, September 18, 2005

Musharraf or Someone Else - Who's to Blame? - Musharraf denies rape remark - Sep 18, 2005

So Musharraf now says he was not the one to utter the callous words about rape victims in Pakistan. I wonder who was there with him. Sheikh Raheed Ahmed, has been known to say callous things about women since his own personal track record regarding women is not that golden. Don't know if he was accompaying Musharraf to the Interview. I personally think it wasn't Musharraf who said the remarks knowing full well he was going to address the Pakistani-Women Congregation a few days later. He can't be that stupid. Whoever did say the remarks, Musharraf should boot him out of office and let that be a lesson to callous and insensitive people who sit in their air conditioned rooms and pass comments on the poor, helpless victims of rape and violence in Pakistan.
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