Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Music Recommendations - Part 1

Starting a section on recommending some of the music I hear on the US internet Radios. If you can get your hands on them, more power to you. The songs are not numbered in any specific order just what comes to my head and what I remember listening to that i liked. The Genre is noted infront of the song. Enjoy!

1. Fourteen 14 - Another crack in my heart (Trance)
2. Groove Coverage - Poison (Trance)
3. Mario Winans Ft. P Diddy - I dont' wanna know (Slow Rap)
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  1. Hi Reza, thanks for stopping by . I also visited your blog last night ... guess got there through some link in somebody's blog . When I started up this blogging-thing I didn't think anyone would be showing up on mine since I have no friends around here except one . My writings are quite personal and I feel odd but also elated that I can finally speak about whatever comes into my head or heart without caring two hoots about what "people would think". It's so liberating . You know quite a lot about moi I am sure from my profile ... every bit of it is true except my name ... ofcourse am using a pseudonym ... :D Looking forward to having you hop over time and again ... will be doing the same too ... ciao for now.