Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Harassment or Stupidity?

Ok so here is a guy who has been trying to harass me using various means of subversion lol. The story is a long one but to make it short here is how it goes. This guy who likes to call himself IMMI, has been harassing and flirting with a lot of girls over the chatroom where I frequent. He insulted me personally and continues to do so by using my family name as Ma lik. The intelligent ones can see he is also implying something about my mother. Now he has gone to my Orkut profile and used the words Reza Ma Lik , got your pic. He has been telling me he wants my pic in his fights :D. So childish. I think he is going to do something nefarious with it but this is just to warn all of you who use ORKUT to steer clear of the guy and If you can give your testimonies to the ORKUT admins, please do so on my behalf :D. One less pervert and harasser on orkut makes it fun for all. Misha you know how it feels to have an idiot like that get on your nerves. This time someone is getting on mine. You can view his Orkut profile here after you login:


Btw he is not 23. He is 29. Liar Liar beware :).
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