Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random Stuff and Happenings

Slow day today mostly and lots of thinking involved. I finally decided to learn XHTML, CSS and XML. I realized I know all the Computer Science mambo jambo they teach you at University for your Bachelors but it doesn't have a lot of emphasis on the web aspect. Thought i'd brush up on some of my web mambo jambo. I had started learning CSS and XML about 2 years about but due to some factor, which I don't recall now, I stopped the endeavour. I want to continue it now since I have the time and I will probably won't get it again. It might also give me some new ideas about spicing up my blog and spending time on learning something takes my mind off other hurtful and not so happy happenings in life, hence this effort really sprang into my mind this morning.

Other than that USC says they will resend my letter soon. I was thinking they would have already sent it. AH well I am in for some more waiting. It also looks like my family funds are kinda in a little bit of jeapordy and I MIGHT not be able to go to USC. I will find that out by the end of next week. I hope it all works out and I can go to USC otherwise I will pray I get into Texas A&M / Arizona State University / Michigan State University. Any of the three.

On the topic of Computers, the tech guys at my Computer manufacturer will send me a new Video card and Fan module to cool it for a deposit for about $430 Bucks, which they will remove once they get my current broken, defective and crappy card and fan. Hope third time is a lucky charm and it doesnt break on me again otherwise this manufacturer is gonna lose a customer.
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  1. Keep the faith, Inshallah all will work out for the best.

  2. I hope you get what you are looking for reza. God bless you.