Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Teenage Violence Getting out of Hand?

Direct Link: "Tuesday, September 20, 2005"

A friend of mine brought this to my attention recently about an incident in an upscale institute where a party was being hosted. You can read the full description of the incident at her weblog. To make it short guns were used at the party and a boy was wounded and another shot dead. The prepetrators were arrested. But the thing is this never got public. Noone knew about it. The parents of the attackers hushed things up I presume. Misha articulates her feelings well on her weblog and I can't say anything new and agree with her completely.

One solution I do propose though is for all Pakistani netbloggers or people who want to share this news with the world so that we can get public awareness of this incident on the move, please do so with a link to Misha or my post, preferably Misha's. Newspapers can be hushed up by money, but Bloggers are a scion of free speech and thus we have a duty to make this public and to let people know, so that something can be done about it and no kid has to lose his life over someone's egoistic selfishenss at having their reputation not being tarnished. For all I care any parent who doesnt teach their kid to not use firearms, has to pay the price.
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