Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mail System Problems

I still have not received my offical letter of admission from the University of Southern California. I called them and I found out that a large batch of letters they sent 2 weeks ago did not reach their intended destinations. I was under the assumption that the US mail system was considered the best in the world but this is a long series of delays in me receiving my mail which makes me think otherwise about the mail system. Ah well, I hope it gets here soon and then I can offically rejoice :D. USC said they are sending out emails to everyone again in the batch even if they did not contact them about not receiving their mails. Hope mine makes it through as well.

Other than that I will be moving to California soon. I have to make a Huge list of stuff I am going to sell since I will be living in a dorm there instead of an apartment since housing is too expensive in California. A lot of the kitchen stuff has to go as well as my old PC. Anythign that might bog my moving :D. A house sale is in order.

I will be moving sometime in October I believe. That is still upto debate.
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