Saturday, September 24, 2005

Video Card Issues resolved and other developments

Well I fixed my laptop's videocard. The problem was dust buildup due to which the temperature of the video card was reaching about 104 degress celsius while gaming. Clearning the video card resulted in a peak temperature of about 80 degrees celsius. The computer used to shut down before to preserve the videocard when playing anything videocard intensive such as videogames and 3d animations. Now the card runs cooler, the left palmrest is barely hot anymore compared to scorching before and my lappy stays on humming away smoothly.

MORALE: If you have system shut down problems, especially in laptops, clean the videocard as well as the system fans and check for dust buildup. If that doesn't resolve the problem, chances are you either have a defective videocard, a defective stick of memory or an abnormally hot CPU.

In other news, the letter from the University of Southern California has still not reached my destination and I am going to have to push USC to mail it via UPS/Fedex to me. Waiting is a hard thing and especially when you are being told over the phone that you are in USC and the letter is just a heartbeat away. A paper proof is still a very valid thing. Am I being paranoid? Perhaps. But you can't blame me if you know the full story of the USC "letter that never came to me".

I have been experimenting with a new layout for my weblog and will be shortly putting it up for all of you to comment on. Based on those comments, I will either keep this layout or make the new one permanent. You get to choose :).
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